Choose the right laundry drop in sink with these awesome pointers

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Choosing the Perfect Laundry Room Sink


Doing the laundry is a mundane task that not many of us enjoy. However, with the right equipment, it can be a fun and productive task. If your space is big enough, a laundry drop in sink will be deemed extremely useful. It’s perfect for hand-washing, treating, and soaking clothes. It can also be used for cleaning tasks other than laundry. There are various shapes and sizes that this sink comes in, and finding the best one for your laundry room will make washing clothes more efficient and enjoyable.

Simple or elaborate, small or large laundry sink, it’s all up to you. Here are the factors that you should consider when choosing the best laundry room sink for your home.

Choose an installation style

There are different ways that a sink can be installed. It depends on your space and preference. You should also consider the length of your stay in that house. If it is a permanent home for you, perhaps you should consider an installation style that is durable for the long-term. Below are the different installation styles:

  • Drop-in – One of the most common installation styles is the laundry drop in sink. The sink is fitted into a hole on the countertop, while the basin is in a dropped position from the counter. Only the rim of the sink is visible from the countertop. There is usually a cabinet underneath to house the basin and the pipes in.
  • Wall-mount – These sinks are perfect for small spaces or as temporary instalments. The sink is mounted on the wall and the pipe is visible underneath. This is also called a stand-alone sink.
  • Undermount – Like the drop-in sink, these sinks are installed into a hole on the countertop. However, the rim of the sink is underneath the countertops, so the height of the sink is extremely low.

Select your desired material

Another important factor in having a laundry drop in sink installed is the material to use. Stainless steel is one of the most popular and cost-effective options. It is also easy to clean and maintain. You can also go for ceramic or porcelain sinks if you want a classier look that can withstand high temperatures. Other options include cast-iron and acrylic sinks, which aren’t very ideal and low-maintenance. Take a look at Everhard

Pick the type of faucet

Faucets seem like a minor detail that most people tend to overlook when renovating laundry rooms and bathrooms. However, this nifty fixture can make your sink look good as much as it can make it more functional. The first thing to consider is the material of the faucet – you can choose from brass, stainless steel, copper, chrome, or nickel.

You should also consider the valve and the spout, but you can consult the plumber with this so they can give you the best option. The plumber will also help you with wastewater filtration. Lastly, pick a faucet that complements the design of your home. Industrial, modern, farmhouse – there are so many options to choose from.

Laundry rooms are an essential part of a house. The materials and equipment used to build it should be of premium quality and craftsmanship. For superior sinks of all types, choose Everhard Industries – from sinks to stormwater drainage systems, they’ve got you covered.