How to Keep Data Secure in Automated Payroll Systems

The advent of automated systems such as a single touch payroll has made it easier for businesses to operate. With single touch payroll software, it makes it easier to compute and organize your employees’ payroll and benefits using just one tool. As compared to having your employees do it manually, the use of software can save you time and enable your HR to focus on more important aspects of the business. The use of an automated payroll system can also reduce the need to hire additional staff just to keep up with the payroll.

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Despite the benefits that a single touch payroll system offers, there is always some level of anxiety involved when you are using automated systems. While the systems used to manage business operations are getting more advanced, so are the tools used by malicious individuals who try to steal information online. Therefore, businesses should focus on finding the best single touch payroll software that simplifies payroll management while also being secure.

Check Security Procedures Regularly

Even if you invested in a secured single touch payroll tool for your business, you cannot expect for that security to hold up as time passes. As mentioned above, the tools used by hackers or malicious individuals are developing and becoming more advanced than ever. Hence, your system should keep up as well. Regularly check the security procedures and protocols in your payroll system to avoid data breach. It also pays to perform regular audits to detect if there are any inconsistencies with the data being processed. The sooner you can address the security issues, the better you are able to prevent major data loss to your company.

Automate Security Updates

Just as the system is automated, you can also automate the security system’s update for your payroll software. This is a more convenient approach to ensuring the security protocols of your payroll software since it is easy to overlook security updates. By automating the security update, it will do the updating by itself based on the pre-determined schedule.

Implement Strict Data Usage

The employee information, email and other forms of data are confidential. Hence, it is important to educate your employees about how and who they share the data with. If possible, the information should not be shared outside of the company to prevent possible breach. It is also a good idea to educate your employees about online security and email policies so they can strictly adhere to it.

Improve Your Computer Security

Aside from the payroll software itself, it is also a good idea to heighten the security of your computers in the office. Make sure your firewall is updated on a regular basis. You can also block unauthorized access into your computer system. Meanwhile, you should setup a spam filter on unsolicited emails to avoid phishing.

It is important to know about the security measures you need to implement to heighten security and protection for your confidential business information. If you care about your business security, choose an automated single touch payroll with strict security in place just like those at