Maintaining Workplace Health and Safety in any Business

It is your responsibility, as an employer, to maintain a healthy and safe workplace for your employees, clients, stakeholders, and suppliers. Conducting medical management consultations, updating your safety and health management system, and organising programs to prevent illnesses and injuries among your employees is one way to maintain your workplace health and safety.


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6 ways to maintain the workplace health and safety

Aside from the abovementioned ways, there are other helpful measures you can do in order to abide by the Workplace Health and Safety standards.

Planning to promote a safe and healthy working environment

Some employers think that being meticulous about following strict compliance with the safety and health rules in a workplace is like putting your money into the drain. That’s absolutely false. You can even save yourself from a costly reimbursement whenever someone in your team gets injured or ill because of improper handling of workplace hazards.

Making a safety plan, conducting yearly orientation seminars on safety management, and hiring a competent occupational physician can help you a lot when assessing your workers’ health and safety conditions in the workplace.


Regular workplace inspection

Implementing regular workplace inspections can help prevent accidents, injuries, and illnesses. Through this process, hazards are identified and corrected especially when they are mismanaged and improperly handled. Also, learning about the proper medical management consultations and employing the right person to do the job can minimise incidents. All of these make a regular workplace inspection important to maintain a healthy and safe working environment. Click here Resile


Scheduled one-on-one talks

A regular team meeting is essential to continually build teamwork and assess performance. However, a one-on-one talk with your employees must also be done to allow them to share their accomplishments and issues in the workplace. Also, when a worker is undergoing a certain medical condition (perhaps seen after the annual physical exam), a one-on-one talk is necessary to confirm if he or she has passed the fit for duty assessment.


Consistent employee enhancement training

Proper training for all your employees is important to prevent unwanted incidents in the workplace. Depending on the industry you are in, it is recommended to appoint a nominated medical adviser (NMA) to supervise and report health assessments of the employees. This is uniquely necessary on coal mining, chemical manufacturing, and building industries.


Attending to workplace issues immediately

The importance of reporting any hazards and workplace incidents immediately after they happen includes the fact that it can save someone’s life as well as save you from any subsequent lawsuits pertaining to employer’s negligence.


Taking notes of every happening in the workplace

Keeping records of the workplace incidents, as well as employees’ conditions, first aid treatments, inspections, training activities, and medical management consultations can help you identify the trends in unsafe working conditions and work procedures. This can also help you assess your company with regards to your workplace safety and health programs as to whether they are implemented properly or not.


The abovementioned practices are essential to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for your employees and your company as a whole. See more at